$20 Billion Worth of New Business, plus First Mover Advantage, Plus Follow-on Patents —

A big global bank, like the Bank of China could really benefit from owning my patent and here are some reasons:

1. Photon-DSP, invented in my bedrock patent, issued on 8 January 2019 is the enabling technology for Paper Bullion Bank Bill.

2. And there are at least four other banking-related applications for my innovative technology including letters of credit, money orders, ID cards, and auction tags.

3. A big global bank, like UBS-Credit Suisse could keep all the banking related applications for its own exclusive use and quickly sell off all the other applications like coin tags, evidence tags, DNA tags, gem tags, and container lock tags.

4. By using its contacts a bank like JP Morgan Chase could raise enough cash in a week or two by selling off applications it cannot use to pay the amount it pays me for all the rights under my patent, for the next 20 years.

5. A global bank like Bank of America could roll out Paper Bullion Bank Bill by using them as rewards for employees and managers travelling overseas. This would be like a Beta Version to get more knowledge of how such a currency will work in practice.

6. People will tire of the Crypto-Currencies. The answer is not to come up with one more blockchain-dependent currency. The real answer is a bank bill that has real gold particles right in the bill itself, so it’s like a gold coin. But it’s better than a coin, because it can be authenticated very fast by a machine.

7. A big global bank, like Bank of Japan could bring in $20 Billion worth of new business to its wealth management department, its international trade department, and its wills and trusts department over the next 20 years.

So, you can pay for this right away by selling what you don’t need, then you can make $20 Billion on the banking applications over the next two decades. You will aslso get the many follow-on patents that come from being first to market, and having the pioneering knowledge that come along the way.

My patent is US10176661B2 and you can read it at patents.google.com. Use the PDF version to get the best view of the drawings.

I claim priority on this invention from August 13, 2015 (see Provisional Patent Application 62/282,879). The Coded Record Sensors field (235) has become quite crowded, but I own the bedrock, foundation patent for Photon-DSP Technologies, and I filed first and my patent was issued on 8 January 2019, so I hold the original patent in my field.

My address is robert.gary@gmail.com

My website is robertfentongary.com


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