Fiber Optic Cable Patent is Next

In the mad quest of the American Infinite Greed Capitalists to get rid of all employees, they have arranged things so their businesses can mostly be run by computers. Many businesses in USA, are actually just computers running sophisticated AI enhanced algorithms.

Infinite Greed, of course, is infinite, so it’s not just a matter of computerizing one’s own business. What you want is for your business to do business with other firms, such that none of the firms have any employees.

This means your fiber optics must connect right into your CPU, and your CPU must be able to transact business with the CPU’s at other firms, and just accumulate your profits in a cache and sweep them into your bank account once a quarter.

The problem, of course, is that the CPU’s, at both ends of such a employee-free arrangement, are vulnerable to anybody that can hack into the fiber optic cable that feeds directly into both CPU’s so that one can control the other and do transactions with the other.

So everybody must get hacked, and if you have an account with a big Infinite Greed Capitalist firm, all your data will be spilled everywhere sooner or later. So never give any firm any data about yourself if you can help it. Be anonymous. Be at arms length. Use cash.

Up with this, Libbies will not put. And the Libbies are coming, in about 19 months.

So if they number around 150 million in USA, then I have some hope that one of them will decide my secure fiber optic communications patent has value.

This patent is going to be a hard to get. It’s twice as complicated as my basic Photon-DSP patent (US10176661B2) which took me 16 years to invent and write. I’m losing my eyesight. My hands do not make drawings as well as they did 10 years ago.

If my first patent, “Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items“, sells I may be able to hire a CAD/CAM person to help me with the drawings. I could even get some help on the claims for my fiber optic patent — just the final polish to put them in strict USPTO-speak, (which is complex, like Finnish or Hungarian or Basque). With a few thousand bucks, I could hire a retired Patent Examiner to write the final version of my claims. That would save a lot of time, money, stress, and anxiety.

Anyhow it’s “Connections” and the robot-to-robot world of modern business in USA is creating vulnerabilities and these are getting much more expensive as the hackers, get better connected to people who will pay cash for the data they hack.

I have an MBA, no actual degree in Economics, so I’m not entirely qualified to judge, but it seems to me something is a little off kilter in this country right now.


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