We Struggle Against the Status Quo, to Make the World a Better Place

Yes. Inventors are dreamers. My dream is Paper Bullion Bank Bill, which looks like paper money but is actually gold bullion. See, the gold is in the paper, or plastic, of the bill.
Which is better a piece of paper with green ink on it that says “This scrap of paper has value.”

Or a piece of paper with gold particles enmeshed in the fibers of the paper which says “1/10th oz fine gold”

You put a clean glass of water down on a table next to a glass of muddy water —- you don’t have to tell people which glass they should drink from.

Paper Bullion Bank Bill will become the global reserve currency by 2036-07-18.
The patent that enables it (US10176661B2) will still be in force, and hopefully it inventor (Robert Fenton Gary) will still be alive to see his dream realized.

Gold is integrity, beauty, truth and prudence. The Founders of USA said our money should be gold (or silver). If our money was gold, there is no way we could have accrued a $23 Trillion national debt. Nature, and nature’s God has made gold scarce. So it puts a limit on human fantasies, and edicts, and fiats.

USA will be the last country in the world to adopt Paper Bullion Bank Bill as the reserve currency. Every other country will get there first. China, Japan, Germany, or Switzerland will probably take the lead. Then UK, Canada, France Norway and Sweden will join. Then Italy, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea will come onboard.

When every other nation uses Paper Bullion Bank Bill to keep itself honest and to trade honestly with other nations, USA will see the light, and join the world.

A big US bank could buy my patent today and issue Paper Bullion Bank Bill by 2024, but the executives are focused very intently on buying in their own bank shares. There actually is a computer that does that. But the executive make sure the computer is plugged in. And for that they are paid $70 million per year.

But innovation exists outside USA. There are banks and large corporations that pay attention to product pipeline, and customer service development, and new ways to bring in more business to the bank.

The abovesaid patent will bring in at least $20 Billion to the bank that produces the bank bills, and that is just the start. The bank will get the first to market advantage, plus all the follow-on patents that flow from the exploration and use of Photon-DSP technology.

Read more at robertfentongary.com
Do business at robert.gary@gmail.com
Or at Tynax.com under listing 7805


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