Breakthrough Day on Secure Fiber Optic Patent — Year End Target is Do-able

Good day today. Figured out how to get 10 pounds of light into a 1 pound bag. Yep, my way is not cheap, but it works. That’s what matters to me.

Other people can clean up the parts of my patent that are not as cheap as they might be.

I won’t make any claims in areas where I am not the world’s acknowledged expert.

So how to get the light into the fiber, they can do that whatever way they do it.

I have shown a way to do it. Maybe not the best. But there’s 9 billion people on this planet. Somebody out there can make my patent work better. They won’t be able to make my claims. My claims are all that matter. They are what determine the scope of my patent.

I can make a signal that nobody can break.

Like I made a bank bill that nobody can counterfeit.

We are going to need new and better money when the US dollar collapses.

We already need a more secure way to send signals through a fiber optic cable.

My patents will be popular. It takes time. Please read US10176661B2 which you can find at

Just read page 1, where the abstract is. 200 words. Take you 2 minutes to read.

If you download the PDF version you can get all the drawings.

The fiber optic patent will be ready and filed by the end of 2019. Today’s work assured that.


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