Scalable Innovations are Risk Contained

Innovations That Can be Tried Out Small, Then Scaled Up Are Best

Robert Gary

Status is online

Robert Gary

The cost of making 100 sheets of Paper Bullion Bank Bill would be fairly modest by corporate standards, and could be instantly written off as research and development. I would suggest using the 1/10 oz .9999 Fine Gold denomination, and please put John Dalton on the face and your bank on the back.

Making 5 authentication machines would cost a bit more, perhaps, but that includes the programming on the Application Specific Integrated Circuit Chips, so figure $50 million for the five machines. Again, you can write them off instantly, so it brings your Federal taxes down, and you get something for your money, not just a cancelled check.

I will help you build the machines, if you like. And you will learn new things, that nobody ever knew about Photonic-DSP Technology. And all the follow-on patents will be yours to improve your moat, and thicken up your patent thicket. Photon-DSP is a hybrid technology, so a dozen patents in this bridge field makes your patent wall unbreachable by any other bank trying to capture some of your market share, which as the innovating firm, you will own all of. It’s Blue Ocean territory. Nobody is there.

Currently innovation in USA is at a nadir, a low point, because it is so easy for companies to look good by just buying in their own shares. Shareholders like it. Earning per share go up. Top executives look like they are doing something really good. Actually all they have to do is make sure the share buying in computer is plugged in. It runs on an algorithm. No executive genius required. By the time the company has to worry about innovations to stay competitive and bring in new customers, you will be retired, it won’t be your problem. You will be cashing in your options packages.

This provides an opportunity for one corporation — JP Morgan Chase —- Bank of China —– Bank of England — Bank of Japan —- Bank of South Korea —- Bank of America to boldly innovate and I want you to do it cheaply, and then scale it up if it works.

So your Alpha Test is the hand out Paper Bullion Bank Bills to a few hundred top performing bank employees as prizes. Tell them where they can go in Europe to redeem the innovative bank bills. You have five machines, and you put them in major branches sprinkled around Europe. You have maybe a dozen people trained up to operate the machines. You redeem at the London Gold Fix for that day, and the holders can have gold rounds, or any currency the bank trades in, which would be many with a few days notice, or at least several right now this moment.

These are your employees you give the bills to. So you can ask them to report back on how it went. And you can get field reports from the participating branches, and their people. Now you are researching a system, not just a technology. You are learning about the ergonomics of the system. You are gaining trade secrets which make it ever harder for any would-be competitor to take market share from you.

If De La Rue makes the bills, they will give you new information as well. Or Cranes, if they make the bills. And you will learn about bullion, and flaked gold, and flour gold, and precise measuring methods. Also you will learn about Europium, and Acetates, and Holmium, and nanoparticles, and Yetterbium and Oxides of Titanium. All this goes in your trade secrets file, until you are ready to file a follow-on patent that builds on US10176661B2, which hopefully you will own outright, or have a license under. You could read that patent at It’s called “Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items” by Robert Fenton Gary.

Now the Board wants to know if the project should be scaled up. And you report your findings of fact and investment opinion. They say they want $20 Billion by close of business on the 18th of July 2036. You tell them, yes, that’s do-able, and likely to happen. They tell you to go ahead with the next level of scale up which involves 5,000 sheets of bills, and 100 machines in 100 branches all over Europe and in major cities in the Far East. Now you go into Beta Testing and you do this with your Wealth Management Frequent Traveller Jet Set clients. You charge them something like 3% fees that they pay on first tier traveller’s checks. You see what the product acceptance level is among the early adopters. You gain more trade secrets and learn more system ergonomics.

Now here you are again in 2038, reading this old article. You have your $20 Billion in new business profits, and your wonderful promotion, and you actually did something for your company, and you have plaques on the wall to prove it. Maybe even medals. You see how easy that was. LinkedIn was a wonderful thing for you to have as part of your business toolkit.


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