Paper Bullion Bank Bill is the Absolute Opposite of Bitcoin and all Cryptos

Blockchain was sold as an automatic thing done by computers.

In truth, it is extremely labor intensive and costly to maintain.

The people who do that are sometimes called “bitcoin miners”

They maintain the bitcoin blockchain, and are paid in bitcoins.

When the value of a bitcoin drops below the cost of doing the job, the miners will quit.

Then blockchain collapses, and all your wallet money is gone.

With Paper Bullion Bank Bill, you have gold bullion in your hand the day you buy it, and until you let go of it.

But what you have is way better than a gold coin because it can be authenticated fast and easy by a fairly simple machine described in Patent US10176661B2 “Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items” by Robert Fenton Gary issued 8 Jan 2019, and you can read it in 2 clicks at and see a picture of my machine and get a 300 word description on page 1.


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