Maxwell, Newton, Huygens, and Young — men who danced with Photons

Dancing with Photons, like dancing with wolves requires agility, grace, coordination, courage, and certain lightness of being. I do it better than anybody. I do whisper to them. I know they are moving so fast they can’t hear me.

Today was dedicated to laser diode photons that come out of the PIN junction in a way too rapidly diverging way. Some people find ways to make use of this. I know it’s not good. So I designed a high refractive index fluoride glass lens that takes those diverging leptons and makes them more, shall we say, laterally contained, not so rapidly diverging more like a rectangle-like polygon, less like a obtusely scatterocious triangle-like fan.

Yes, yes I know, there is attenuation when you use heavy glass this way, and there is heat, cause the glass molecules with be set on motion by the photons.

Fortunately, thanks to Maxwell, Newton, Huygens, and Young, this matter is well in hand. No they are not a lawfirm. If they were, I couldn’t afford them, with a name like that. Probably The City of London, maybe on retainer at the Bank of England.

The lens is a straightener outer. The fans come into it like parallel tabletops, so no problem there. But their radical lateral divergence is going to cost me most of my photons if I can’t wrangle those doggies round to be more dutifully carpet shaped and less all-over-the-damned-place fan shaped.

You are so quick. You are quiet. And cute. Tiny and cute. I like you very much. Und now, I vill tell you vat to do, und YOU vill DO IT!

But you never raise your voice, it’s carrot carrot carrot, no stick. Like the Montesorri Method.

Wolves are playful. They just want to be loved. Like anybody. Photons are that way too. You just have to know how to talk to them and dance with them.


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