Patent US10176661B2 may be read at “Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items”

If you bring me the buyer of my patent, and it is a very good patent, I will give you 25% of what the buyer gives me. I will know who you are because the buyer, who gives me $16 million will mention your name in the course of closing the deal.

Big companies spend hundreds of millions on patents every year. If the buyer of my patent is a big bank for example, the decision to acquire that patent could be made by a mid-level employee of the bank. The $16 million is not their money. They might be somebody that you know, and that would love to see you do well in business. It could happen that way.

It would take you 5 minutes to mention my patent to a VIP in a big company like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Ten Cent, or Bank of China.

If you got $4 million as the broker for the sale of my patent, your 5 minutes would be well spent.

If you are a Prince, maybe a whisper in the ear of the King, you see?

I do have a few actual Princes among my readers.

Every time opto-electronics engineers have read my patent, they have loved it, and been amazed by it. They see that it is a bedrock breakthrough patent which will give rises to many new Photon-DSP technologies, and many valuable follow-on patents.


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