Gun Control Invention on my Drawing Boards Right Now

Serial numbers are the traditional way to connect a gun buyer to that gun over time. But that system has seriously broken down, because they can be filed off.

I have begun work of an innovative technology that is similar to my Photon-DSP technology as presented in my patent US10176661B2 Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items.

The new technology, being explored now, will be cheap, enduring, and the original buyer of the gun will be forever connected to that gun, no matter what happens.

There are four states: CA, NY, MD, and VT that I expect will put my new technology into practice. The National Criminal Information Center is, allowed to have, store, and use information. Gun buyers know that guns have serial numbers, and when they take possession of their new gun, they sign off on that serial number line on the records sheet.

Therefore, there is no reasonable expectation of privacy. The purchase of a specific gun is a public act fraught with public interest, and the buyer need non be assured that the serial number is the only way that gun can be traced back to him, or her. The buyer has no right of anonymity if the serial number is filed off. My system makes sure that the buyer is no anonymous, no matter how that gun is illegally altered, or tampered with.

Yes, I do specialize in opto-electronics. Yes, this new technology will be way beyond anything available in the criminal community. They won’t know how to cancel it or tamper with it.

The said four states are the ones where people really care about mass shootings, beyond the level of public rhetoric, virtue signalling, or moral preening. These four states are in a mood to do something about guns. To make actual laws, or to amend their state Constitutions. Caring about innocent human life did not begin for the first time in the above-mentioned states, but in those places it has advanced to a point of the will to act.

My technology would make it more reliable to connect insurance to gun ownership. This would bring the insurance experts in to make decisions about the psychological character of individuals proposing themselves as owners of specific guns, in order for premiums to be set fairly and skillfully.

The Federal database in West Virginia would allow guns found at crime scenes to be traced back to their original buyers, and this could reveal patterns that would be helpful, in ways that I will not now specify, to law enforcement officers nationwide. Sources and methods are not revealed in all criminal cases, even in Court, unless there is an Order from a Judge. Even with such an Order the disclosures are usually done “in camera” and not on camera.

Also in the works at Gary Research is a planned book that will contain all my old and new patents, with their diagrams, and background research.


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