The Founders, and Plato, would be hep to HIP (Human Integrity Project)

The Human Integrity Project (HIP) is a behavioral approach to more integrity among humans.
It is based on the concept of not being swindlers, grifters, cheats, or swine, by doing transactions in which value is traded for value.
It’s not about morally reforming people.
Helping them get their moral metaphysics right.
Making them be “enlightened”
It is entirely about enabling them to do transactions in which value is exchanged for value.
It has four parts:
1. Finding the gold.(US Patent Pending 62/973,887)
2. Finding the best ore’s exact location by panning samples. (US Patent Pending 62/973,292)
3. Bringing in the gold (Patent in process)
4. Putting the gold in bank bills (Granted US Patent 10,176,661 B2, granted on 8 Jan 2019)
When people uses these bills they will be exchanging value for value.
That is an objective behavior having nothing at all to do with morality.
A few hundred years of that behavior will alter the dark souls of adult humans. The behavior changes the soul. It starts on the outside and works its way in.
It’s not integrity through understanding.
It’s integrity by force of habit.
When Plato talks about arete, habit is one of the ways he says it can arise. HIP is hep to that and seeks to enable it by engineering a currency innovation.
You say this is not intellectual enough. Not hoity toity enough. Nolo contendere. I’m just a practical guy, like Plato finally became when he wrote The Laws, which I studied with Dr. Leo Strauss.
Just get it done. Integrity. Don’t bring stories about hows and why and wherefores. Get it done!
Gold as money + 200 years = Human Integrity (by force of habit).
All my patents can be found at under books by Robert Fenton Gary


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