Sea Currents Cause Hard Math

You may wonder from time to time why nobody has ever built a sea elevator.

I know the answer to that. The math is very hard. The materials to build it exist. The engineering is possible. But the math of dealing with ocean currents is hard.

I had to learn a lot of real hard math in college, and it serves me well. But when you go where nobody has ever been before, everything has to be checked and re-checked six times, using different approaches, and different equations.

You go with the math that parallaxes out. The stuff where it comes out right even from different angles. That’s sort of a clue that the physical realities have been properly captured by the math.

This is my fourth patent in the Human Integrity Project, and the hardest. The drawings were easy. The description was easy. But this problem has only been solved once before, by Howard Hughes, and his Glomar Explorer. Hughes Technologies did not file a patent. They kept the trade secret, per CIA contract requirements. Howard Hughes took it with him to the grave.

So, I studied his ship for several years, and now, I can do it, but the math is not easy, even for me.


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