Last Part of Human Integrity Project is Done and Filed.

The first three patents in the Human Integrity Project (HIP) dealt with finding the gold, assaying the gold, and using the gold (to make Paper Bullion Bank Bill, see US10176661B2).

The fourth and last patent in HIP deals with raising the gold from the bottom of the sea.  It’s called Sea Elevator .. etc. It was mailed off to USPTO today, and will be logged in by noon on 24 January 2020 bringing the HIP project to its conclusion.

Human integrity is desired. But also needed is Human Capacity. So today began the Better Babies Project. We want to make people have more capacity as well as being guided more by principles of integrity. So these enhancements compliment each other capacity and integrity. The word “better” can be taken any way you like. If you have absolutely no idea of “better” vs worse then just called it the Baby Project. It will be how things are done half a century hence. You must not worry your head about it. My patent to make that possible will be replaced by other patents, by the time, the project is put into practice on any scale.

It’s not exactly “playing God”. It’s more like doing what God made it possible to do since the Human Genome Project by Craig Ventor was successfully completed. God did not make it mandatory. Just made it an option. And not to worry, most people will want the randomized babies of all possible outcomes, and not the so-called “better” ones.

Inventors and engineers do the “next possible”. They have proven useful if you think electric lights, telephones, computers, and automobiles are useful. If you feel that these are just confounded contraptions that thwart the will of God, you must take that up with Church Lady and not with me. I am called. I follow my calling. Which is to invent and bring mankind to the “next possible”.

So, today, 23 January 2020 begins the Better Babies Project by Gary Research. One wants to leave the world as good or better than one found it. Humans with more integrity and more capacity would make the world better. You may dispute that opinion, and tell me I am wrong in that, but if you do, you will be mistaken.


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