Big Bank or Venture Capital Firm Sought to Buy and Practice US10176661B2

My Sea Elevator patent will be published and available on by the end of March 2020. It is the capstone of the four patents in the Human Integrity Project where I teach 1. How to find the gold 2. How to assess the ore 3. How to bring the gold up from the seabed and 4. What to do with the gold once you get it.

If gold were money more human transactions would be exchanges of value for value.

If green slips of paper, or keystrokes, or internet ledgers, or cyber wallets are money then human transactions may be the exchange of piffle for paffle, or flibber for gibbett.

If the national debt had to be paid in gold bullion, we would never have been ABLE to rack up $24 Trillion of it.

Ft. Knox contains no gold. Just medications for DOD. US gold is in vaults under Wall Street, and in the bullion room at the Bank of International Settlements in Basel Switzerland. Most of the world’s gold is held at the London Metals Exchange.

If you bring me the buyer for patent US10176661B2 and that buyer mentions your name in the course of closing the deal with me, I will give you 25% of what I get from the buyer.

My patent has 25 valuable commercial applications. A bank could retain Paper Bullion Bank Bill and sell off all the others in a week or two, thereby raising more than they pay be. The USPS has already expressed some interest in using my technology for postal money orders, a product on which they lose a lot of money every year due to counterfeits. My bills cannot be counterfeited. They are 100% secure. And you have your gold right there in your hand. It is enmeshed between and among the fibers of the paper of the bill. No internet wallet. No cyber anything.


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