Four Main Patents at Gary Research

The main patent is the one that was granted on 8 January 2019 called “Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items

This patent is the bedrock patent in the field of Photonic-Digital Signal Processing technologies, and is the key invention behind Paper Bullion Bank Bill which is the innovative currency that will take over when Bitcoin is found to be a Ponzi Scheme and a fraud.

The next most actively worked patent is called “Tethered Submarine to Seek Value Materials on the Seabed“. This one is at the moment a pending Provisional patent application, and it will covert into a filed utility patent by the end of October 2020. To the business community this one sounds a lot like “Let’s go on a fishing expedition in the sea to see if we can find something.” Business people really prefer to buy post-revenue patents so they are taking ownership of a stream of income, and it’s just an accounting transaction. They are not interested in breakthrough innovations. What they want is cash flow, and right now they do great with that just by buying in their own shares. That’s shares they do not have to pay dividends on in future. And they get huge tax benefits instantly. So it’s hard for an inventor to compete with that.

The third most worked on patent at Gary Research right now is called, “Method to Package and Authenticate Value Matter“. This is about creating a ready market for 25 value metals, many of which may be found in the sea, perhaps, if we go, and look, and find them there. The invention is a way of laminating value metals into trading cards that can be quickly and reliably authenticated by an apparatus that is shown in several version in the provisional patent application filed on 03/26/2020 as 63/100,690

Finally, the fourth very active patent is called “Method to Assess Genetic Risk for a Couple” which was filed on 4 June 2020 as 63/102,192.

This patent is designed to protect people who wish to avoid birth defects in their children. So the focus is on public health, and medical cost savings, not on cloning, or gene splicing, or playing God.

But I live in the most religious country in the world, by far, so my hope is to sell this patent in one of the Commonwealth nations, or the Far East.

The apparatus for this invention could easily be made in Taiwan, South Korea, or any advanced nation. The market for the breakthrough product is not well established, which is why this is called a breakthrough product. Risk taking is part of investing, except if you are buying in your own shares, in which case, you can make a fortune just doing that, with an automatic computer robot to buy in for you. Make sure it’s plugged in and pay yourself $100 million to compensate yourself for your “labors”, lifting the plug, putting it in the wall socket.

Anyhow, Elon Musk exists. So there are real risk takers in this world. As an inventor, I don’t need more than one.

All of my patents can be read for very little money by looking under books by Robert Fenton Gary on The granted one can be read for free at

My patents are not costly to buy compared to what you can make by owning them, and if you want one, I can be reached at

That is today’s summary of the works in progress at my drafting table on 16 July 2020.


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