Seabed Mining Tethered Submarine

Patent Pending 62/973,887 was filed on 10/31/2019 so I only have four months to file a utility patent or my work on “Tethered Submarine to Seek Value Materials on the Seabed” will go abandoned.

Accordingly, today was spent looking through the pending patent for possible claims, and for stuff that can be cut, and for things that need to be added.

Since 1985 I have been a member of the US Court of Appeals for Patents, but technically I am just a lawyer, not a patent lawyer. And yet I have to write my own claims. I’ve look high and low all around my office. There is nobody else here. The claims are not going to write themselves.

A claim can only have one period in it. Lots of semicolons and commas but only one period. It has to be a single sentence.

For any complicated apparatus, like a submarine, getting it all into one sentence is hard. If it’s new and different, very hard.

You only get three claims, unless you pay a whole lot more money.

So, the detailed description is where to specify your invention in its particulars. And in the figures, which must be done just a certain way — they are drawings with rules about how to make the drawings and how to label their parts.

All my granted and pending patents are available as books from under books by Robert Fenton Gary.

I would like to be “discovered” by a venture capital firm or a big corporation which could put some money in and take an ownership share in my work. This is called equity financing, and it’s not the same as debt financing, where all the costs go on my credit card. But today the main focus in business seems to be buying in their own shares and framing perfectly legal compensation packages for the top dozen executives. These guys are busy, they have no time for me.

A company like Google, Lockheed-Martin, Amazon, Facebook, or Boeing could decide that owning my patents would be a good way to maintain dominance in their market sectors.

All my patents are for sale. I can be reached at


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