Claims Begun on Tethered Submarine Patent

The Provisional Patent Application describes how this invention finds rich orebed on sea floors, and it was filed on 31 October 2019, which means the utility patent version must be filed by 31 October 2020, no pressure.

Getting a first draft of three claims is hard because one does not know what to include, what to omit, and how to do the wording so it will be accepted by the Patent Examiner.

Those of you familiar with this invention from reading the patent pending under books by Robert Fenton Gary on, can plainly see that there must be a claim for the submarine itself, and one for the cable that connects it to the mother ship, and one for the dual sonars system that allows the submarine to avoid snags and hazards on the sea floor.

First rough drafts were hammered out today. They will improve over the next three months. They will never be perfect. I have been a member of the US Patent Appeals Court bar since 1985, and have done a tiny bit of patent litigation discovery work, but that does not make me a patent lawyer.

American corporations are so intent on buying in their own shares and shaping their executive compensation packages that I have not gotten any help or support from them. Several large US firms could actually produce my invention and possibly make money practicing it. But I have to look to firms from the Commonwealth nations, Old Europe, and the Far East to find executives who may want to take on entrepreneurial risk by innovating with a new product.

My invention is designed to operate on continental shelf areas of the ocean, not in deep waters, or mid-ocean abyss areas. We have good continental shelf waters down the West coast and around Florida and the Gulf states. But they also have such waters near England and the Netherlands and in the Mediterranean. There are also Australian firms that could build and operate my submarine. Lots of gold in Australia, maybe some off their coasts as well. Only exploring will tell the story. My machine is the best way to get that done. I would also be happy to accept help and funding from a Japanese, Taiwanese, South Korean, or Chinese company.


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