Claim 1 of US 10,176,661 B2 (the technology of Paper Bullion Bank Bill)

A method for documents or items authentication, said method comprising: providing one fluorescent tag, said fluorescent tag being applied to said documents or items; providing one hologram secretly containing a file number, said hologram being applied to said documents or items; scanning said fluorescent tag and said hologram secretly containing the file number simultaneously; analyzing returned signals from said fluorescent tag, and deciphering said file number in the hologram, wherein said fluorescent tag is comprised of dopants on nanoparticles such that a wide peaks profile from 400 nanometers to 1200 nanometers is generated when said fluorescent tag is exposed to light from a group of LED illuminators, wherein said dopants are Lanthanides, and the nanoparticles are metal oxides or metal salts, and wherein the Lanthanides consist of: Yb3+, Tm3+, Sm3+, Nd3+, Ho3+, and Er3+; providing a fluorescence detector assembly for detecting photons in the range from 400 nanometers to 1200 nanometers, a signal processor assembly including an optical digital spectrum analyzer, a digital signal processing computer including a programmable finite impulse transform (FIT), and a programmable finite impulse response (FIR) filter, such that together they comprise a programmable multiple passband filter, said programmable multiple passband filter makes segments or snippets of photons analyzed by an optical digital spectrum analyzer, and storing said snippets in a database of a computer under the secret file number, for comparison to snippets generated from a document or item to be authenticated as the document or item is examined by an authentication machine.

[This patent was granted on 08 January 2019 to Robert Fenton Gary, and is set to expire in 2038.]

[A global bank with clients in many nations can make $20 Billion worth of new business by using this technology to authenticate bank bills, letters of credit, postal money orders, items held in custodial accounts, seals on locks, seals of DNA samples, seals on pieces of evidence, or packages of value metals]

[The current, July 2020, asking price for this patent is $1 million, and it can only be sold to one buyer, who may contact the sole inventor and owner directly at]


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