Five Patents for Sale, Innovators Welcome, Buy One, or All

Here are my Patents. Please buy one, or all of them.

1. Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items

This is a technology that allows quick and reliable verification of any document or item. It uses photon-digital signal processing. Date patent was granted January 8, 2019

2. Method to Assess Genetic Risk for a Couple

This is a devise that allows a couple to quickly and at low cost get an assessment of their reproductive risk as a couple. It is based on the earlier technology to assess the genetic risk for an individual. But it is particularly useful to apply this sort of analysis to a couple. Two people, in conjunction with each other, are what matters when you are considering having a baby, not just the DNA readout of one person. Provisional Patent Application filed on 4 June 2020, published on Amazon shortly thereafter.

3. Tethered Submarine to Seek Value Materials on the Seabed

This devise uses soft x-ray and hard UV light to acquire signals from the seabed indicating 25 value elements based on tell-tale returns from electrons dropping down into their K, L, and M shells per Moseley’s Law. Today, we call this technology XRF or sometimes optical digital spectrum analysis. Provisional Patent Application filed 10/31/2019, published on Amazon shortly thereafter.

4. Method to Package and Authenticate Value Matter

This method allows active trading markets in 17 specific value matter elements used in strategic manufacturing on a global basis. These metals are what you must have if you want to be a first world nation and build high performance equipment. Provisional Patent Application filed 03/26/2020, published on Amazon shortly thereafter.

5. Method to Send Secure Signals Through Fiber Optic Cable

This signalling method is wholly apart from any computer code, or internet language. It uses both frequency domain and time domain delineated pulses. It is the method you want to use for ultra-secure communications over distances of less than 10,000 meters. Provisional Patent Application filed 07/17/2019, published on Amazon shortly thereafter.

All my Amazon publications are listed under books by Robert Fenton Gary. My granted patent can be found on I can be reached at and you can follow my works in progress at


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