Getting the Tethered Submarine Right

When photons are used to produce secondary returning photons (fluorescence) there is usually a shift to lower energies between the primary excitation photons, and the secondary fluorescent photons.

The excitation photons are used to knock electrons out of K, L, and M shell positions. The atom responds by replacing the knocked out electron with an electron from a higher shell. As the higher shell electron drops down a fluorescent photon is released. This fluorescent photon comes out at a quantum of energy that is a fingerprint of the element from which it comes out.

So you can see what elements are there by hitting the seabed with photons and seeing the quanta of the electrons you get back as fluorescent (secondary) return radiation.

In my case, I will be using hard UV and soft X rays because, operating through water, you must hit the seabed with a Sunday Punch of radiation if you hope to get anything useful back. Fluorescent radiation is intrinsically weak, and one reason is that it’s not like visible light, it does not bounce back like a mirror. It goes out in all directions, so 99.9999% of the fluorescent photons you produce go straight into the sand and not back to your sensor instrument.

To get a good return on your sensor, you need to send out a Sunday Punch and it has to be at frequencies that will knock out K, L, and M shell electrons in great numbers.

My task is to design the equipment to make this happen, 300 meters under water, at the end of a long tether cable.

Corporations today are making so much money buying in their own shares that they do not invest in any new projects or ideas or patents. If the election train wreck we are about to experience sends the markets into freefall, where corporate shares become virtually worthless (all sellers, no buyers), the corporations will be able to use the many trillions of dollars they are keeping in cash to buy up all or almost all of their own shares.

Once the shares held by the public drop below a certain level, the corporation can be taken private, like Mitt Romney used to do, and then the equipment, trade secrets, patents, technology, designs, and operational methods can be boxed up and shipped to China, for an all cash, or all gold payment.

This money need not be distributed to public shareholders since there are none. It can be divided among the executives, and add to their golden parachutes, and it will be.

Jobs, opportunities, work, career, all sent to China, for cash, for the executives.

Which means that it does not matter how great my patent is, If I can’t sell it in China, it is just one more costly file in my cabinet.

Inventors can invent everything except the business environment in which they must operate. I would like you to buy one of my patents, or all of them. They have all been published under books by Robert Fenton Gary on

My granted patent US 10,176,661 B2 is priced at $1 million.

I can be reached at


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