New Patent Filed Today Another Submarine

The new submarine will be given a Provisional Patent number by mid October, and when that happens, I will publish it on

So far, no corporation has shown any interest in any new project involving my invented products.

With no backing, it’s very hard to bring major new inventions to market.

The companies are doing so well buying in their own shares there is no reason to think about new projects, or pipeline of innovations for the future.

Many of the large US corporations are hoping to buy in enough shares so they can “go private”. This means having about a dozen major owners, and just hiring professional managers to run the actual business. The private owners are in the cut for all the net profits.

Yes, this means they run the company into the ground. But they personally become billionaires. The company has no future. It is an empty bag. At some point it runs out of customers and collapses. But the private owners have their packages of reward money when that happens. So, it works out fine for them.

A country without sponsors for its inventors has a limited future in a globally competitive economy where big companies in Old Europe, Japan, Australia, and the UK are investing heavily in building new products and getting blue ocean new markets.

I just keep inventing, and hoping to be discovered.


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