Machine to Pulverize Virus Particles

Working on my machine that pulverizes Covid-19 and other viruses. Wrote a solid third draft today. It takes about 45 drafts before a patent is ready to file. The math is hard and the drawings are hard.

It’s best to start with the drawings, but this machine is so complicated that was not possible. So I had to start with detailed specification of the machine and how it works.

I see a dozen American companies that could build my machine, and maybe another 20 worldwide. It would take 5 million dead Americans plus $500 million in Federal contracts to incentivize a US company to begin a new project. Or they would have to get an Executive Order to do it.

I see several companies in Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Germany, and the UK that could build my machine, and they would see it as a profitable investment if people care about the health of their children, in restaurants, schools and churches, for example.

The actual capitalists are not in USA now, although many multinational firms have their headquarters in USA. To get investment in a new project you have to work with visionary people, not with people focused on their stock buy-back and compensation plans. Lufthansa, not Boeing. BMW not GM. Siemens not GE.


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