At 19 your Bitcoin is so much fun. But Paper Bullion Bank Bill will still be fun when you are 89.

Most bitcoin money is likely to be forfeited. It was so much fun to order a pizza with your iphone at age 19. But at 89 you may not have kept your iphone fully updated, or your contract in force, or your secret number where you can find it, or your ability tap the iphone keys in just the right way.

If you gave constant attention to your digital equipment, skills, contracts, batteries, and bits, bytes, and buzzwords you can say I want to give you a house, so here’s some money, and you make the tapping on the keys and the blockchain gives the money to your niece.

Or, you say, I wish I could give you a house, but what I had is all gone now, and I have no idea what my codes are and the battery in this thing is dead, so too bad.

But if you have Paper Bullion Bank Bills, a stack of them, you just shove them over to your niece and say, “Here, these are for you”.

They have gold in the paper. She can take them into any participating bank and get cash, credit, or gold rounds for them. Nothing is as good as gold, not Bitcoin, not Smiling Doggie Funny Money, not Etherium (where you will walk with the saints soon). Paper Bullion Bank Bill is 100% consistent with banking as an enterprise. Bitcoin is the killer of banks. So for them to adopt and support Bitcoin is pure suicide.

They could come to Paper Bullion Bank Bill as a better course, one that is not self-destructive, one that will make serious money for them. Not selling Smiling Doggie money or Bitcoin, which is lunacy for banks to do.

Here’s how — Buy US 10,176,661 B2 from its inventor Robert Fenton Gary for $1 million today while it’s priced to move. Photon-DSP technology, a field where I hold the bedrock patent can also be use for ID cards, DNA tags, money orders, and 20 other things, art, gem, and coin tags etc.

How to reach me — use the internet

How to read my patent — it’s on

How to follow my work — it’s on

How to see my Pending patents — they are all on under books by Robert Fenton Gary.

How to send me a letter — I am in the book at Hagerstown Maryland. (Hunter Hill Drive).

So, at 89 would you like to tell your niece what you wanted to do for her, or do it.

If you want to do it, not just talk about it, get Paper Bullion Bank Bill. Your gold is in your hand not in cyber world. Your hand is not very far. When you are 89, cyber world will be very far indeed.


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