The Covid-19 Air Cleaner Patent Publication is Running Late

On 14 December 2020 the Provisional Patent application was mailed to USPTO from about 90 miles away, and yet as of 22 January 2021 it has not been scanned into the system and given a number yet, which means I can’t publish it.

As soon as the drawings and specifications are published, the machines can be built and integrated into the nationwide safe buildings program.

USPTO is not usually this slow. They usually have a number for me about 30 days after I file an application. Covid-19 may be a factor in the delay here.

Photonics is my specialty area in physics. I hold US 10,176,661 B2 which is the bedrock patent in the field of photon-DSP technologies. It’s on under patents by Robert Fenton Gary, and it can also be obtained from

My machine to dimerize RNA and DNA particles in an airstream will allow fairly large buildings to be relatively safe. It incorporates what I know about making photons leverage up their intensity by forming an in-phase wavefront that is coherent and interleaved.

My machine will be the best for larger buildings, airports, indoor public spaces, and schools. It uses laser diodes which are quite energy efficient, especially if their output is leveraged up by formation of a common wavefront of huge dimerization power — like a light blade, very thin, but very sharp.

The machine was a year in the design phase. Like every engineer I make things as simple as possible, but this machine is inherently complicated, although not costly to build, just very complex in the way it works. So, I wish that I could get a number on a may Provisional Patent and let people see it.


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