New Patent For Rare Metals Trading

My newest invention is an apparatus to enable secure trading of rare metals. Precious metals are included among the rare metals.

This method entails packaging and very reliable recognition of the packaged material.

It uses some of the technology of Paper Bullion Bank Bill (US 10,176,661 B2) which is formally called “Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items”.

This patent which is the bedrock patent in the field of Photon-DSP Technologies is one of five patents that appear in my recent book “Value Matter” which you can get at

Anyhow, I want to make it easier to securely trade small amounts of value matter and specifically rare metals like Osmium, Ruthenium, and Rhenium.

If you want to build jet planes you are going to need these, and also Niobium.

There are 25 rare metals that fit into my trading system.

The patent for the method and apparatus has taken me five years to research and write, and hardest part, for me, being the drawings, which are called “Figures”. So I have four, and for the Provisional Patent Application that’s more than enough.

I will not file the Utility Patent until February of 2022, and if some company steps forward and wants to help, that would be great. I’m at

Also on Facebook, and LinkedIn and at where, as you see, I try to post a running account of my work in progress.

In Hagerstown Maryland I’m at 21742-2588 and the postman knows the details to get a letter to me. I would like a big corporation or multinational bank to take an interest in my work.


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