Patents and inventions by Robert Fenton Gary

Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items

US 10, 176, 661 B2 Date of Patent Jan. 8, 2019

This technology provides secure verification for Paper Bullion Bank Bills which are bank bills with gold particles in the paper. It’s the best of a gold coin, combined with the best of a bank bill. You spend it, but it’s also gold bullion. It’s not a promisory note. You have your gold right there in your hand. The Technology also covers money orders, ID cards, DNA tags, art tags, and container lock tags.

Method to Dimerize RNA and DNA Polymers Suspended in Air

Patent Pending 63/205,673 Filed 01/04/2021

This machine will take Covid-19 out of the air in a large building like train station, school, library, public office building, or hospital. It uses laser diodes that are positioned so their UV-C photons interleave, and create a wavefront that is like a blade, extremely sharp and powerful. The kill-box pushes the air to be cleaned through several of these blades, and the result is harmless dust with no pathogens — nothing that can cause illness. This method would also work on Ebola, Marburg, or Influenza virus particles.

Method to Assess Genetic Risk for a Couple

Patent Pending 63/102,192 Filed 06/04/2020

This machine will examine the genes identified on two DNA sequences and find the places where they both have genes that could result in a birth defect. Then, the gravity and likelihood of that defect is calculated by a scoring system, and one of five results are indicated by one of five colored lights on top of the machine. What a genetics counsellor does over many months of costly office visits, this machine does in seconds at a low cost. For couples that have agreed between them that they would prefer to avoid having a child with a serious birth defect, this machine is helpful. Couples that do not feel that way should not use this machine.

Method to Securely Trade Rare Metals as Commodities

Patent Pending not yet filed

This is an apparatus to validate packaged rare metals. It uses photons, along the lines of the Photon-DSP technology pioneered in US 10, 176, 661 B2 but it does not “read on” that patent. Where there is some overlap, the inventive departure of this machine is adequate to justify a separate patent, which is expected by 2025.


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