Is PBBB really that different from Bitcoin?

Bitcoin technology identifies a block of ledger entries on a blockchain in “cyberspace”.

PBBB technology identifies a bank bill in the three dimensions of space that are ordinary to physics. The same dimensions in which your dinner, house, dog, and car exist.

The cyberspace in the cloud contains no gold or other rare metal.PBBB always contains gold or some other rare metal in, in the actual paper of the bill, which you can hold in your hand in ordinary space.When you are old, and the battery in your iphone in dead, and you do not recall your Bitcoin code, or how to use your iphone, your Bitcoin will be just a vague memory of something you once had.

When you are old, with your PBBB in your hand, and if that PBBB contains a few grams of Gold, or Ruthenium, or Osmium, your wealth is in your hand.

If you can extend your hand to your favorite niece, and say “Here take this, a gift from me to you.” then you can enrich your niece in the actual factual world you are in.

Not in the cloud. Not someday.

Here. Now.

If you have not that much time, then here, now matters. Tulip mania ended when people began to sober up.Bitcoin will have the same fate.After Bitcoin, people don’t want to go back to fiat paper money.

They will want Paper Bullion Bank Bill.
It’s a bank bill.
But, it’s also bullion. That does not need to be assayed. Cause we can recognize it, due to the technology that is in patent US 10,176,661 B2 [Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items] by Robert Fenton GaryRead the patent at, or at USPTO, or at


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