4 Patents in Play and Seeking Support From a Major Investor

“Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items” is my granted patent (US 10,176,661 B2 Date of Patent 8 Jan. 2019) and is the technology behind Paper Bullion Bank Bill. This same authentication technology could be used for money orders, ID cards, DNA tags, evidence tags, art tags, or 25 other things.

My patent coming up soonest for filing as a utility is Better Babies which is away for a couple to assess their total risk of having a child with a birth defect. We talk a lot about ways to make health better. This is a way to reduce human suffering, increase prosperity, and have better public health. Some corporation might decide it is worth a look. The book can be found under books by Robert Fenton Gary at Amazon.com, for $3.00.

Then in December 2021 the utility must be filed for “Method to Dimerize DNA and RNA Polymers Suspended in Air” (again on Amazon if you wish to read it).
Many people speak about how great it would be if there were less Covid-19. This is a way to make that happen. It’s an air cleaner for large buildings, like schools, or Post Offices. There are at least a dozen companies in USA, and another dozen overseas that could build my machine. They could reach me at robert.gary@gmail.com. The book, as usual, is on Amazon.

In 2022, the utility patent will be filed for “Method to Securely Trade Rare Metals as Commodities” This is a way of packaging and authenticating Rhenium, and Palladium, and Niobium, and Europium and 20 other rare metals. Industrial rare metals are produced and used in very tight markets. Making it easy for miners to connect with users, or investors, is a good thing. Read the book on Amazon.com and let me know your thoughts at Robert Fenton Gary, Hagerstown MD 21742-2588. Again, I seek support and participation by companies able to do this sort of work, or maybe just an investor who likes my idea.

Inventors operate within the framework of what comes to them. Edison had the light bulb go on in his head with the light bulb, then the phonograph, then 400 other things. We always hope that what we think of will be found useful, — an alternative to Bitcoin, a way to have better babies, or get rid of Covid, or trade rare metals, for some examples. The one unknown variable is whether any human will take an interest before our patents expire or we die. Tesla got a bad result in that category, Edison got good, Leonardo got bad, Ford got good. People liked his cars, and they sold well. You don’t know how it will go for any individual inventor. You could make a difference in my case. My books are all about $3.00, you could look them over, maybe pick something out that you like. Tell Cathie Wood about them.


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