Better Babies Patent — Major Progress

The missing element was the three claims. I did not need any claims for my Provisional Patent Application, and they are very hard to write, so none were filed.

But now I’m under heavy deadline (June) to get all the parts of the utility patent done and filed.

Writing claims is not routine work. You don’t do claims as part of a regular 8 hour workday.

Claims require inspiration. You have to really see the Big Picture. What is the true inventive departure in the product? How does it deliver on its value proposition? What makes it work when nothing else has? Why does it surpass all prior art?

What is left out of your claims is not protected by your patent, even if it is granted.

Once you file, you can’t change your claims, except with a lot of fussing and cost and lost time.

So your claims are the hill you are ready to defend. The strip of land you are staking out. They must be just one sentence each, and unless you pay more, you only get three claims.

Fortunately the Better Babies patent breaks down into three claims, which I have first drafts of now, as of today.

The provisional was filed in June 2020, and you can read it under books by Robert Fenton Gary on

If you want to support my work, or buy one of my patents I can be reached in Hagerstown MD at Hunter Hill Dr., 21742-2588 or at

US 10,176,661 B2 is today priced at $1 million for fee simple absolute assignment. I should mention that a substantial maintain fee will be owed to USPTO on that patent in 2021 since it was granted on 8 Jan 2019.

Bitcoin may go down the tubes, and it fit does, Paper Bullion Bank Bill, formally called “Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items” will be the patent you, and the big banks will be wanting to own.

Even if you collect tulips, it’s good to have a rose or two as well, just as a hedge, you see?


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