Re Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items (US patent 10,176,661 B2)

A bank, even a regional one, could do extremely well with my patent, and here’s why —- The price I’m asking for it is a pittance. To a big bank, a global bank, my patent will be worth $20 Billion in new business by the time it expires in 2038, and by then the first mover advantage will be total.A regional bank would have, or be able to make the contacts, to flip my patent and get 5 times what they pay me for it within less than a year. They pay me $1 million; they sell to a big bank for $5 million; the big bank practices the patent, and brings in $20 Billion in new business — mostly: wealth management, international, wills and trusts, custody accounts and selling off the non-banking applications like ID cards, container lock tags, evidence tags, and DNA tags.LikeCommentShare


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