Next Book Coming in June 2021

The next book, which will be the utility patent filing for “Better Babies” will rock the planet, all longitudes, all latitudes.

The machine described in the patent would cost a major semiconductor house about $20 each to build, they would make many billions, if it sells well globally. It will sell well in the Far East for sure.

The utility patent filing is due on 4 June 2021, so I will get the book out as soon as I have a filing number.It took me 5 years to invent the method, then another two years to write the Provisional Patent Application, then if I wait for USPTO to publish my invention that would make 30 months before the patent is even examined.

So I will publish in June, let the ideas sink in a bit, see if a corporation steps up and become entrepreneurial enough to try a disruptive new technology.Most of them now just buy in their own shares, or buy Bitcoin, or Dogecoin, or Non-Fungible Digital Tokens (clips of basketball shots).

Those all might be better investments than my inventions (in the Twilight Zone; where is Rod Serling when I need that voice-over effect?


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