Patent Seeks Broker to Find Buyer

Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items (US 10,176,661 B2) see

Status is onlineRobert GaryN/A at Institut Le Rosey186 articles

Prior to my patent, it was possible, with micro-dots, for example, to mark a piece of paper, or an item so that it could later be authenticated. The US Treasury is able to manufacture bank bills using a printing process and the bills include technologies that allow them to be distinguished from fake bills at a later time. The Treasury can recognize its own bills.

My method is as good as the methods used by the Treasury, and possibly a bit better.

Unlike a micro-dot approach, my bills are not made so that each bill is unique, which is something you can do with microdots by just mixing them into the bill in different combinations. Each combination of micro-dots will return a unique signature of secondary photons which can then be analysed by an optical digital spectrum analyzer to authenticate the bill.

My problem as an inventor was to find a way that all the bills, at least in one series could be manufactured (printed) at the same time, in the same way, so they are all the same, pretty much. This saves hugely on costs of production, as distinct from making each bill, for example with it’s own combination of microdots so it returns a unique photon signature to the sensors in the authentication machine.

What I did was to combine photon analysis with digital signal processing using brick wall filters so that I could look at tiny slices of the total peaks profile for each individual bill. It’s like squinting through a keyhole that is just a certain shape. The brick wall filters only allow narrowly defined slices of the full peaks profile to come through for any given bill.

Using this DSP method, I am able to print all the bills in a series with exactly the same rare earth elements so they all give back exactly the same full peaks profile, and yet each bill is authenticated in just its own specific way, by the tiny slices, in which it is looked at by the optical digital spectrum analyzer hooked up to the brick wall filters that create the slices. If you have a costly digitally tuned radio you know that brick wall filters allow you to input your radio station like 88.1 fm by punching in the frequency on a keypad, then the radio will go directly to 88.1 fm filtering out all frequencies above 88.1 and all frequencies below 88.1. You are pinpoint on your station.

Radio waves are electromagnetic waves. Light waves are also electromagnetic waves. So you can use brick wall filters on light waves just like on radio waves. So you can print all the bills one way with one batch of fluorescent ink, and then look at each bill a slightly different (squint) way to make that bill return it own unique signature of fluorescent counts along the frequency domain.

My patent is the bedrock (original) patent in Photon-DSP technologies. It enables Paper Bullion Bank Bill, and Secure Money Orders, and Secure ID cards, evidence tags, DNA tags, container lock tags, and art tags. You would think it might have some value to a big bank, or to the USPS, that loses billions of dollars every year due to counterfeit money orders, or to the FBI that needs to securely store and authenticate evidence, and DNA.

The patent was granted on 8 January 2019, and I have tried to find a buyer since then, at a low, $1 million price, which is a miniscule fraction of what a big company could make on the patent if they practice it, or even if they just buy it to flip it to another corporation. No luck so far. And I am facing a huge maintain fee which must be paid to avoid losing the patent.

If a buyer does contact me at or at Hunter Hill Drive in my little town at 21742-2588, and if that buyer mentions your name in the course of closing the deal with me, then you would deserve a very nice reward. One that could possibly make it worthwhile to make a few phonecalls on my behalf.

My contacts are — math, chemistry, and physics. They don’t know anybody. But you might know somebody. Math, chemistry, and physics really should be rewarded for my patent, but they won’t be, because they are not persons. But you, a person, could be, if you bring me the buyer for US 10,176,661 B2 which expires in 2038, so take your time.


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