Non-Engineer’s Description of my Work

A description of “Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items” for non-engineers.Said method enables Paper Bullion Bank Bill a piece of paper with gold particles in the paper, enmeshed, between the fibers, or it can be a piece of plastic, and the gold is in the plastic.What matters is that we can recognize the bills we make. This is done with light, and patterns in the light, that is all that matters.

Each bank bill can be individually recognized.;Since we can recognize our own bank bills, we c an exchange gold rounds for them if you want. Bring in the bill, we test it, then if it’s a good bill, we give you a gold round. It’s like trading two nickels for a dime. The bill has the same amount of gold in it as the gold round we give you. Or, we can give you credit, or any paper currency you like. It’s done at the London Gold Fix for that day. So, again it’s two nickels for a dime. You get value at the London Fix, we get the same value also at the London Fix. We trade on a specific day. The Fix for that day is used.

Here’s what you do not need —- a Doge Coin, a Bitcoin, a secret number, the internet, a cell phone, a cell phone account, a tower, a communion with the internet at all times, a charged up battery in your cell phone, the ability to recall your secret number, the ability to make calls on your cell phone, the power grid.Here’s what you do need — a hand in which to hold the Paper Bullion Bank Bill, some clothing to wear in the bank, the ability to extend your hand so the teller can take your bank bill, the ability to choose between gold, credit, or other currency.

If you have the bank bill when you come into the bank, we do not care who you are, or how you got it. We are not detectives. We are not Big Data. We are not trackers, tracers, or monitors. We comply with banking regulations at the same level, and in the same way that Swiss banks do. We don’t do statistics. We do bank teller window transactions. So Paper Bullion Bank Bill is a bearer instrument, like a $5 bill except it’s in grams of gold, not in dollars. 5 grams, 10 grams, 50 grams, like that.

If you want your niece to have some gold, you take your bank bills in your hand, and extend your hand to your niece and say “Here, this is for you”.It seems infinitely complex — something only Albert Einstein could grasp, and yet, any 3 year old can fully grasp it in 2 seconds. If you can’t grasp it, your “education” has fully destroyed your mind. You are over-thinking. It’s like giving a carrot to a horse, not like a proposition from Wittgenstein, not like Fermat’s Last Theorem.

If you are and engineer, then you are cordially invited to join the throngs of engineers who have read, approved, and been delighted by patent US 10,176,661 B2 granted 8 Jan 2019 to Robert Fenton Gary and it is on and you can get a hard copy at, and you can read a few pages for free right now this instant with just the tiniest button pushing effort on your part.


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