New Patent Filed on 11 August 2021

The new patent is for a new type of house.

It now takes the Patent Office about 10 weeks to stamp a number on a newly filed patent, and I cannot publish much about the new patent without that number. I expect to have the number by November 2021, and as soon as possible, after that, I will publish verbatim the filed Provisional Patent Application under books by Robert Fenton Gary at

What I can say now is that the invention is designed to reduce the time people spend regretting their new house real estate investment. Instead of regretting for 10 or 20 years, you will now regret from only 10 months or less.

My entire book of business, as a patent-seeking inventor, is based on making new products for wealthy people. This new house format is for wealthy people too. It would be great if there was some corporate interest my my work. Maybe from a house builder or land developer or a company that wants to begin operating in that space. This innovation is very disruptive. So, if you are an established major company operating in that sector, you may want to buy the patent and kill it by just abandoning it.

If you are an entrepreneur with many contacts in the corporate community, you may want to buy this patent to flip it. You pay me a small amount, you resell the patent for a large amount after making a few phonecalls. The housing market is very dynamic right now, and this invention will be volatile beyond that dynamic. So it’s value will go way up and way down. As an accounting asset, this means lots of creative opportunity to books gain or loss on the assigned patent.

I can be reached at

I’m on Hunter Hill drive at 21742-2588

My patents will all be repriced on 1 September 2021

Right now the new patent is not priced. It will be priced by the end of November 2021 when the Patent Office will have a number stamped on it. They always manage to cash my filing fee check in 5 days, but it takes 10 weeks to stamp a number on my patents. One reason is that I file on paper. If I filed by smartphone using robots and computers they would have a number for me much sooner. With no corporate or venture capital support, I cannot afford the smartphones, robots, and computers.


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