Buyer Sought for Bedrock Patent

The applications for Photon-DSP technology will be spelled out in my planned book, with drawings and details.

US 10,176,661 B2 disclosed an entirely new technology. This was invented in 2015 an the patent was granted on 8 January 2019.

If the inventor dies before the patent is discovered by a big person (executive) the patent will go “abandoned” and cannot be refiled in USA. The technology will then be discovered in China, Japan, and South Korea and its product applications will be sold to Americans in USA.

The stagflation is a problem for selling anything in the age of Biden. Many companies are folding. Hyper-regulation, high taxation, and no workers means making or doing anything these days is tough, so money people are turning to creative usury, and flying to Mars and non-fungible tokens, prank art, and Bitcoin.

So, the environment for business in USA is prohibitive, but the global warmism problem of centuries from now is being strongly address by the Green Warriors on the Sky who are ready to kill you, your business, your economy, and your country so their virtue is more evident, and they can feel Bernie Sanders ***good*** about their good selves.

My patent is priced at $2 million. Anybody can buy it. My address is Hunter Hill Drive, 21742-2588. Send check, I will assign patent.

My planned book will describe in detail the many ways to apply Photon-DSP technology. I’m hoping to be “discovered”. My patent is the bedrock patent, cited by all other patents that have entered the Photon-DSP field. My current work is on low voltage diodes that produce deep ultra violet in the range 50nm to 200nm. I may patent that in Canada.


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