Patent Selling Method

Patent US 10,176,661 B2 is priced at $2 million and can be assigned in fee simple absolute by the inventor who is 74 years old.

The patent expires in 2038, the maintain fees have been paid, the patent is active and legal.

The inventor may expire prior to 2038.

In that case no company or person will be able to buy the patent from the inventor. It will be called an abandoned patent. Inventor went on to another place and abandoned his patent.

Well how about just taking Photon-DSP technology and filing it as a new patent, why not do that?

Here’s why — it won’t be new. A patent must disclose something new. On 8 January 2019 when the patent was granted, Photon-DSP was new. Nobody had ever seen or imagined such a technology. No machine had ever been designed that would use such a technology. Paper Bullion Bank Bill had not be issued, and planned.

Please send me a letter at Robert Fenton Gary, 13320 (Apt H) Hunter Hill Dr., Hagerstown, MD 21742

The patent has been published widely, and it’s on my bookshelf at, and you can read three pages for free using the “Look Inside” app, so your total time to confirm that this post is real is approximately 16.93 seconds, or 2 clicks.

Also published on Amazon are several of my previous patents, and a prospectus for “Method to Authenticate Value Documents or Items”, the patent I seek to sell now.

My bio is on the web. Most of what I know about Physics and Chemistry was learned in Switzerland or in USA. I did take 4 solid years of math in college, and courses on particle physics, and light wave theory.

I am on Facebook where you can see pictures of me. Also on Twitter. I try to keep my site on WordPress updated as well. I hope you will buy my books, tell people about my patent and provide bankers and business people with an opportunity to utilize Photon-DSP technology, which has 25 commercial applications.

All the Best,

Robert Fenton Gary, BA, MBA, JD


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