The Military May Be Needed to Restore Law

The Posse Comitatus Act says that the military cannot be used to do law enforcement on civilians in USA.

But, necessity is a valid reason to set certain laws aside if keeping to them would be the end of our nation.

One can assume that the Congress enacts no law with the intent to destroy and terminate the USA as a political entity.

We also assume, all things being equal, that people do not intend to kill themselves. That’s why we look for suicide notes.

Because of Obama, and before Obama, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, USA is now experiencing thugs taking over many of our major cities, like Chicago, and Baltimore, and Detroit.

It’s an invasion of murdering robbers that put violence on citizens as brute beasts would do.

The police cannot handle it. They are run by mayors put in place by George Soros. So if they obey orders they do nothing to handle it. Police are inclined to obey orders. So what the Mayor and DA says — they follow. George has made many of our big cities into jungles.

It does not matter why he did this. Maybe he wants a more open society, and millions of murders are his idea of how to get there. Barack and Michelle Obama, and some of the woke people may feel the same way.

But, the military will not allow USA to go down the drain, even if the wires are crossed and they do not get a direct order from the National Command Authority to save the USA.

They could step in to save some of our cities under siege from an invasion of beasts that are murdering in the streets to the delight of the woke and George Soros.

This could be done by the National Guard, the Federalized National Guard, or by Active duty Army and Marine combat people.

The thugs could be killed as they do their crimes. They could be taken into military custody. They could be tried by commissions. Posse Comitatus, like any other law, does not supercede the right of USA to exist as a nation.

Even in the Congress of USA, there are some people who grasp this basic concept. After January 2023 there will be more people like that. Biden will seek to veto any law that allows any action to be taken to quell the bestial thugs, but there may be enough reason in the Congress to over-ride Biden’s veto.

At which time, the Department of Defense would simply comply with the law passed by Congress.

A six year old can grasp this. It is going to happen. In about 100 days.

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