Shut Gov from Oct 2022 till Jan 2025

A partial shutdown of the Federal government for two and a half years would make Biden far less able to increase the harm he is doing to the citizens of USA.

This would not include Social Security or Medicare, which are check writing agencies over which Joe Biden has very little control anyway.

But it would include most of the Departments and Agencies located in Washington DC, the swamp, who are spending Trillions on Green War on the Sky to please Greta Thumberg and her kindergarden class, and the Bernie Babies, and AOC, and the Squad. If the government is highjacked shut it down.

All spending bills must originate in the US House. The GOP will control the US House starting in January 2023, about 100 days from now. Biden can wear the glasses, eat the ice cream, get training wheels for his bike, and maybe some more walls around his beach house. But he will not be able to field an Army of 87,000 armed agents ready to shoot to kill. His work for Xi will be curtailed. His work to start a race war in USA will be over. His work to start a Red vs Blue war in USA will be over. Obama and Michelle will not be disappointed. They always knew Joe is an empty suit. But Obama’s shadow third term will be over.

Xi is a mortal enemy of USA, not a friend. Not a helper. Not a partner. A mortal enemy. Xi has helped the Soros people, the Coyotes, the Teacher’s Unions, and the SEIU. China is a Communist nation. Bernie Sanders is a Socialist, and many of the huge money managers in NYC and Boston are as well, and almost all of Silicon Valley is that way too —- very Woke, very Left, very China loving — very Marxist leaning.

Now is the time for all patriots to plan and assure the partial closure of the Federal government from October 2022 till January 2025 to run out the clock on Joe Biden’s term, and Kamala Harris’ term. There are no 67 rational beings in the US Senate. Biden and Harris did a crime so huge, but we do not see it. They violated Article IV by doing the exact opposite of what that Article requires them to do (keep the border intact, prevent invasions of USA).

The problems sewn by Biden and Harris will be with us forever. The ones we lost to Fentanyl. The cost of caring for 20 million very poor, uneducated people who need everything at a time when actual Americans need things. What Biden does not give to the invaders, he seeks to give to Ukraine. It does not matter. He would give it to anybody —- but you, or me. He and Xi are enemies of the USA. They are seeking the destruction of USA. Biden has highjacked America.

Our ONLY recourse is to shut it down.

I would rather see Biden and Harris impeached, but that is not gonna happen.

But when the GOP takes the US House, we can implement the one and only recourse we have.

My bio is on the web. My residence is in Hagerstown MD. My loyalty is to USA.


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