6 Ways Biden is Making War on USA

One — Biden allowed foreigners to invade USA. But his sworn duty under Article IV is to repel invasion, not assist invasion.

Two — Biden ruined the currency by spending Trillions the government does not have to make environmental projects. All the money from Biden’s spending must now be borrowed which means less flexibility for any future leader in USA due to massive 30+ Trillion deficit.

Three — Biden’s money giveaway programs have created inflation. Too much money chasing too few goods. So the dollars you worked all your life to get are now worth a fraction of their former buying power. So Biden has made you poor.

Four — Biden seeks 87,000 armed agents to invade your home, your life, your assets. Xi in China does things like that. Xi is Biden’s model.

Five — Biden wants to regulate many industries out of existence. When they are gone, your job will be gone.

Six — Biden has destroyed the Patent Office by installing digital equipment to cancel incoming patent applications by finding page layout errors, in line spacing, indentation, punctuation, and spacing of letters in the type. He killed my patent. Then he killed my business. Then he refused to refund my patent examination fee ($490) which may contribute to killing me (age 75 in November).

Biden is like a tornado — pure destruction of everything along his path.

The US House has the legal right to not enact any spending bills. It could start not enacting in January 2023, and continue not enacting till January 2025.

There is no other recourse that will contain the tornado that is Joe Biden. Impeachment requires 67 Senators who would abide by their Oaths — but they are not there — and they won’t be after the elections on 8 Nov 2022.

Biden is the head of a criminal family involved in global influence peddling and bribery. This conduct violates many parts of the Constitution, but nobody has the energy to sue Biden and ask for relief from the Article III Courts. Lifting a finger could take a whole erg of energy. Require expenditure of 10 calories. So the tornado Joe Biden will continue its wake of destruction for 2 more years. We go out with a whimper, and a bleat — bahhhhhaaahhh.

Big Tech, and Big Banks are woke. So they support Biden. With money and with brainwashing.

When Biden says the border is closed, nobody knows any different. If he says he’s doing a great job, nobody knows any different. When people see that they have no food, no rent money, no gasoline, they will realize that something is different. But they won’t link it to Biden.

It’s a tornado, with gaslighting, so you get destroyed, but you are told that the sun is shining, it’s a lovely day, and what are you complaining about?

Are Americans that stupid? Biden hopes and expects that they are. It’s all Trump’s fault, or its the Covid, or the MAGA, or maybe the ultra-MAGA.

Once you control people’s minds, says Xi, you can do anything to them.

Biden is an agent of Xi.

He is proving the thesis that Xi provides.

Biden has joined the enemy in time of war. Somewhere in the law there must be something wrong with that. But who could lift an finger to find out.

[The author is a vet, decorated, with service overseas, and an MBA (Beta Gamma Sigma at GW]


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