Patent Office is Now Bidenized

I invented a device to assess the risk of genome based birth defects by looking at the genomes of the contributing male ans female in conjunction with each other.

For about $10,000 this can be done by a diploma holding “genetic counsellor” in about a year with total loss of privacy, OR my machine will do the job for $5.00, in less than a minute, while keeping total 100% privacy.

My device would have been valued in many countries around the world, so it would have been an export product for the USA, meaning more jobs in USA for citizens of USA. That would have made the economy in USA better, which is the main reason the Patent Office was created and installed in the US Constitution as a named Office of the Federal government.

The Patent Office bought a robot, and some “enterprise software” which is used to scan and respond to incoming patent applications. This robot found a plethora of flaws in my application including line spacing issues, and typographical page layout issues, and text measurement issues, all of which could be detected by robot with no human ever touching or reading my application.

So my application was never given to a Patent Examiner. Instead, the Patent Office sent me a letter citing each page layout and line spacing discrepancy, with reference to the sub-section in the Code of Federal Regulations that was violated by my typographical positioning on the tage of my text.

I had paid about $490 to have my patent examined. The Patent Office did not examine my patent. The robot sent me a long letter. I asked for a refund of my patent examination fee. Six weeks went by, no refund. I contacted ranking members of the US Senate, asking for help because the $490 means a lot to this vet, and being out that money is very harmful to me.

In the Bidenized Patent Office, they just do not care. They crush the citizens. They harm the economy. They refuse to conduct business on the level. They use their power they way Biden uses his power.

I have encouraged Senators to close the Federal government starting in October 2022 and re-opening the Federal government in January 2025. This would not include closure of Social Security or Medicare, but it would include all the Agencies in Washington DC, like the Patent Office.

They killed my patent, which I worked on for years, using a robot. They killed my business. They are in the process of hastening my own demise by refusal the honorably return the $490 I paid to have my patent examined, while not examining my patent.

The Bidenized Federal government broke into somebody’s home, searched through the whole house, and took away many papers. They used dozens of armed Federal agents.

Now, the Biden Federal government seeks to hire 87,000 armed Federal agents to do its bidding at the houses of other people, which could include you, or me.

These Federal agents can only be hired if they are skilled with guns and ready to shoot to kill. Those qualifications are in the job description.

If the US House comes back into GOP control in January 2023, it could shut down the conduct of President Joe Biden, by turning off the money.

I have recommended that all Federal employees make sure they are fully paid up for work done because in the Biden government owes them money at the end of October, they may never get it, and Biden will not care, and Kamala Harris will laugh, and think it’s funny.


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