More Net Tax Takers Than Net Tax Payers

People who seek something for nothing are outnumbering people who must accept nothing for something.

This math problem will be dealt with by the GOP, or we are doomed.

The only way to overcome the numbers problem is by making sure that every Left voter is actually a lawful voter.

This, in some states, means not a felon. In most states it also means in the correct precinct (where they actually reside).

In some states it also means they must actually reside at an address, not live on the streets like wild dogs and wandering vagabonds or hobos.

50 states have 50 different sets of laws.

The National Criminal Information Center database is open to all Governors to see if person X is or is not a felon.

The RNC needs to have a ground game. Part of this is poll watchers to intercept the harvesters with their suitcases, to photograph the hustlers with putting the suitcases under the table, to catch the tally machine experts from loading fake vote ballots into the tally machines.

The Dems are extremely good at all forms of vote hustling. If the RNC does not get funded and get good we are doomed. The Dems will always outnumber us. And it’s getting worse not better.

If America goes Woke, you won’t want to live here. The first out-migration will be a brain drain — smart people leaving. After that you could see millions of Americans moving to other nations, like millions of Californians are moving to Texas and Florida.

No ordinary person can stand to live in Wokeland. Too much of all the bad things. Very little of any good things. The Libbies can’rt stand to live in the places that the Libbies create. Venezuelans come to Martha’s Island, not the other way around.

I may get 3 or 4 readers for this post. That I put 40 minutes into. Very much a futile waste of my time, but one does what one can. My bio is on the web. I live in Hagerstown MD.


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