SECDEF should protect against invasion

A mandamus action resulting in a Court Order that the Secretary of Defense shall protect Texas against invasion would be lawful, appropriate, and timely.

Yes, I have brought several cases against former President each time having to over hundreds of objections fully briefed by the Department of Justice telling me that I had no right to bring such a case against a sitting President. I beat all of them because they were wrong on the law, and they would be wrong again now, this time, for said case proposed above.

Article IV, Section 4 says the US shall guarantee and shall protect each state against invasion.

We have Joe Biden, a rogue President, who has chosen to disregard the Constitution. OK, he is not impeachable and removable because there are not 67 persons of reason in the US Senate. OK, but SECDEF also took an Oath to support and defend the US Consitution. That Oath means that SECDEF shall obey Article IV Section 4 — EVEN IF NOT ORDERED TO DO SO BY THE PRESIDENT.

But plainly, somebody is going to have to order SECDEF to do his job — like every other person in the rogue administration of Joe Biden, an agent of Premier Xi, and enemy of the USA, who, with Xi, seeks to destroy USA to utter desolation.

A trial court level Federal Judge would need to have a lot of guts to issue the Order (Mandamus) described above to SECDEF. So, would a Circuit Court panel of Judges, or sitting en banc. But, the Supreme Court of the USA can handle this case. An Order by the Supreme Court to SECDEF would possibly be obeyed, even though SCOTUS is not in the chain of command of SECDEF. SECDEF is a civilian so he is not subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice. The Supreme Court of USA has no Armies, so an Order by it to SECDEF could be disobeyed.

Biden’s appointees tend to flick their chin at the law, in general. Having Garland on their side makes them immune from legal action. Would SECDEF flick his chin at SCOTUS?

Yes, he might do that. But a record will have been made. That SECDEF intentionally and contrary to a Court Order, did violate his Oath of office. SECDEF would be safe from all consequence from his Oath breaking for about 100 more days, till January 2023, at which time, he would be compelled to appear before the US House. Where he would lie, a crime. He could be arrested by the Sergeant at Arms of the US House.

The Biden people are not going to do the “right thing” until that is the last alternative available to them. They, like Biden, are evil, or they would not be working for Biden. Evil needs and enemy. When the enemy of evil cuts off every other alternative, evil will keep its Oath, and do its duty.

It would take a super-litigator lawfirm like Jones Day, to bring such a case and make it stick. Morgan Lewis and Bockius could handle it, and so could Winston & Strawn. It would be a pro bono case and run the firm $15 million for sure. But, sometimes money is not the most important thing. If Xi and Biden make USA go down the drain, even the big lawfirms will suffer, and I think they know it. If a firm wants to bring such a case, I would do the trial work, and argue the appeals, no charge. Yes, I am a member of the Bar of the Supreme Court of USA.

My bio is on the web. I live in Hagerstown Maryland, a decorated vet, armed, vigilant, and alert.


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