Trump Was Eager to Tackle Problems; Biden Disregards Problems

What Biden wants is more money and more power, for Ukraine, and for Green War on the Sky.

Biden wants resources to squander.

Trump wanted to see the problem, design a solution (wall), and install the solution (build wall).

The Teachers Unions gave us the brainwashed voters who caused USA to trade in Trump and get Biden instead.

Since then, chaos has ensued. Biden has solved zero problems. Biden has created half a dozen new problems by killing pipelines, gasoline cars, hyper-regulating you out of your job, shutting down millions of small businesses, and making the White House an epicenter for lunatic ideas — bridges to nowhere (Solyndra times 1000).

Biden knows he got in on a fix (with Jim Clayburn) like every other thing he ever got always by putting in the fix.

Biden is a baldfaced liar, a total crook, a fraud, and a careless father.

People can see it.

Here’s the problem — there are 10 people who want something for nothing, for every one person who has served in the military or signed the front of a paycheck.

Marxism is on the rise in USA due to the verminous teacher’s unions that have caused the young to hate America rather than love America.

The Coyotes deliver the human traffic to the Caretakers (Teachers Unions), who take care of them long enough so they get counted by the Census Takers.

Coyotes to Caretakers to Census Takers.

Then you get 50 new seats in the Congress filled by 50 more AOC type people.

Then put a fork in us, we’re done.

Sen Everette Dirksen said ” when the people find out they can vote themselves money, it’s all over for USA.”


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