Capital Will Be Deployed So It Has No Exposure to Unscreened, Ungated, Unidentified People

The whole idea of a bricks and mortar store is that people will behave decently, in a civilized way, not wilding in a jungle way.

Capital can be deployed to finance, basic research, industrial robotics, medical devices, home improvement, farming, mining, sea-going shipping, or 1000 other ways that are not bricks and mortar stores.

The collapse of civilization was not caused by supply-side business organizations.

Even so, they must respond to it. They could re-locate their stores to Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Australia, Japan, or New Zealand where the people are not wilding and do not behave like wild animals out of the jungle.

Capital is nimble, and it goes where it is treated well. Capital has many ways to turn a profit. Bricks and mortar stores worked well in USA from 1776 till 2020, but that’s the past. We live in the savage world of the present. You may think that capital will not adjust, but I think it will. I hold an MBA in management science from GW, top of my class. I took a lot of economics and finance classes, and courses on law and business.

So, we have a nation that is going wild, becoming like the jungle, and there are no retail stores in the jungle. In my little town, the malls have closed and many of the chain stores are closing. Mutatis mutandis (as this changes, that changes). Rodeo Drive and Fifth Avenue are next.

Soros is going strong. Backing prosecutors who do not prosecute. And no bail. Soros wanted to wreck USA, and he got that job done, not his first rodeo, he already wrecked several other countries before coming here. We are too open, and too free for our own good. Why we allow subversives to subvert our nation I do not know. But we do. So capital will adjust as required.


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