Coping With Being Outnumbered

There are more people who want something for nothing (like a free cell-phone from Obama) than there are people who want to pay in something and get nothing (like the entire middle class).

The takers will always outnumber the citizens who carry the load.

This problem is getting worse not better.

Four generations of teachers union trained people are in the pipeline and coming of voting age.

Many are not “resident” anywhere. Have no net worth. Sleep on the street, or in the woods. Like wild animals.

About a third of these people are wanted for garnishment, child support, civil violations, criminal violations, or Federal crimes.

I have repeatedly, to no avail, urged that all prospective voters’ names be run through the National Criminal Information Center database, but nobody is willing to lift a finger. RNC wants your money. They are not on curare, but like wax figures. They can cash checks, but that’s about it.

OK, here’s a Modest Proposal which could be implemented at the Precinct, County, or State level, if there’s a person willing to actually lift a finger.

How about when voters come in, show their photo ID and are given a regular ballot to vote, their full names and precincts are posted in real time on the internet.

Privacy Act you scream!!

But is voting a private act, or a public act?

Are there any public acts?

Or is every act a Privacy Act protected matter?

How about walking down the street, filing a lawsuit, getting a ticket, service on a jury, filing of a patent, buying a gun, enrolling a kid in school?

Are they all secrets covered by the Privacy Act?


Well how about voting?

If voting is a public act, then the voter doing the public act, can be publicly known, without violating the Privacy Act, which does not cover public acts,

Post the voters on the internet in real time and 1/3 of the Dems will disappear. They just won’t be there. They know they are “wanted” in some way, and they do not wish to be found.

If 1/3 of the Dems disappear, we won’t be so outnumbered anymore.

Problem solved.

But somebody, somewhere, is going to have to lift a finger.

If we are all paralyzed with torporous inertia, then problem not solved.

Your move.


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