You Can’t Fix Stupid, But You Can Close It Down

Most of the Federal government can be closed down by the US House just not appropriating any money to it.

Almost every agency in Washington, gone for two years January 2023 till January 2025.

The 87,000 armed agents that Biden wants to hire — gone.

The Solyndra style Green War on the Sky Boondoggle — gone.

The hyper-regulation of small business — gone.

The profligate spending which is causing inflation — gone.

Most of the Federal government can be closed for two years with little effect on people who have some net worth, or jobs, or houses, or cars, or anything.

You can’t say anything to the far left that will make a difference.

But with no money, they grind to a halt. They will notice that.

The US House is where all spending bills must originate.

So, just don’t originate any.

The GOP will control the US House is less than 100 days from now.

Help is on the way. Your vote on 8 November 2022 makes it happen.

You are the help you’ve been looking for.


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