In Re Social Media

Facebook had every opportunity to get the best legal counsel available, but in my opinion they were very badly advised.

Their corporate charter says they will do activities that are lawful. But, in my view, they have done activities that are highly unlawful.

To wit, they have acted as knowing accessories and agents of the Biden administration which has violated the Bill of Rights at the level of major felony conduct, not to say insurrection, treason, or subversion. They have become the Federal Thought Police, like in Germany, like in China today.

Facebook was badly advised. They entered a conspiracy with an organization that was subject to the Bill of Rights, to violate said rights by hiding behind their status as a private organization that, in theory can publish, or decline to publish, or cancel, as it wishes. They behave like the Stazi but claim to be a private club.

The Circuits are divided on this conduct as it applies to Facebook, or Twitter, for example. This means the issue will be taken up by the US Supreme Court. BIden does not have time to pack the Supreme Court so it will rule in his favor. In 95 days his power will be vastly reduced.

Therefore, the US Supreme Court will find that rights have been violated, the social media companies which de-platformed people based on the content of their political ideas as expressed in posts got bad legal advice, although they could afford to get the advice of far more qualified counsel.

So bad things have been done by a secret partnership of Biden government and Social media Giants, and this point is not 100% moot, academic, theoretical, and abstract. Somebody will pay for the bad things done. It won’t be any Biden people, or any Federal people. They will all slip quietly out the back door, leaving the giant social media companies holding the bag.

Never be in partnership with the Federal government as it does bad things. They will slip away, you will pay the price.

A drop in the share values of the giant social media companies, particularly Facebook, can be expected sometime in the next 1 to 13 months. You can’t do wrong and get by for very long. Good legal counsel almost always advises to do right, not wrong — to keep the Bill of Rights, not trample on it.


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