Every Non Public Place Will Soon be Gated

This would not include public streets or Federal buildings, or State offices.

But it may include all malls, all stores, all clubs, and all private parks, or playgrounds.

People have abandoned the veneer of civilized conduct that once they had.

They are into “wilding”.

There are no stores filled with valuable items in the jungles.


Because “wilding” creatures would break in and wreck them.

Like in the big blue cities of USA.

Capital is nimble.

If it’s not treated well it retreats, and re-deploys into other areas where profit is still possible, like robotics, and package delivery, and online advertising.

What billionaire will put money into a chain of retail stores that let the general public in?

In Chicago?

In Detroit?

In Baltimore?

Anywhere, except maybe Martha’s Vineyard, or Indian Creek Island.

Bad conduct has consequences.

Turns a garden into a dessert.

Do YOU want to invest in a lootable store, or mall, or recreation area?


Because you want a profit on your investment, right?

We live in a new post Soros world now.

Not the same as a what we had.

Which may never come back.

Thanks George Soros —- this is about the 5th country that he has wrecked.

There are basic flaws in humans that George knows how to exploit.

And he’s never stopped. Never arrested. Rarely deported, only happened a few times.

It would be so great if George went to China or Russia.

But nooooooo …. he has to be here … doing his thing.

You are grateful to the Lord that I am not in charge. George would be dealt with toute suite.


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