Reliable ID Cards Matter Ever More Each Day

We have no idea who anybody is. The Federal government is without a brain. Agencies are lucky if they know who their own employees are.

About four states make a serious effort to know who their residents are. The rest just let that slide, unless they can get the information cost free, and trouble free from another source.

The Dems who are basically very social people, have a pretty organized political party, and they know who they are. The GOP, Libertarians, and Independents who are not nearly as social, more like eagles, that do not flock, are poorly organized, not well led as a ground game political party ready to rock and roll, and they sort of have a list of people who are registered GOP members.

But there are at least 10 million random people running loose in USA, and nobody has any idea who they are, where they came from, or what they are doing here. Many are people who have done and will do homicide, robbery, assault, rape, and arson.

ID card is something you use at a gate to determine if a person should pass through that gate.

Without reliable ID cards, all crowds will contain a certain percentage of very bad and harmful people.

The crowd of people allowed to board a commercial jet as passengers are screened to a light degree, not like in Israel, not like on an El Al flight. New gun purchasers are run through NCIC which is a big database in West Virginia. We do care a little bit about a few people sometimes.

For the most part, for most people, most of the time we are sans souci (without a care) and oblivious (without a thought).

This will change, well before Joe Biden leaves office, and not just because of George Soros and his no bail prosecutors. When there is private property, there can be a gate. When there is a gate, there can be an ID card. Like to get onto the grounds of a nuclear reactor. Or, in some places a school. Somebody is going to want to know who the heck you are. They do not have time to hear the whole story of your life. They have 5 seconds to run your ID card through a very reliable machine.

Photon-DSP technology is by far the most reliable way to authenticate any document, or item, including an ID card. 8 January 2019 the patent was granted to Robert Fenton Gary and listed as US 10,176,661 B2 and it will expire on 8 January 2039, about 17 years from now.

The technology may never is used. Humans are not rational. They are animals. But not rational animals. There’s 100 Trillion in venture capital sitting on the sidelines but no person or company has $2 million to buy said patent. But they have plenty to fly to Mars and the Moon and to wage the Green War in the Sky, and to buy furniture for their houses in Meta Land. Also for Bitcoins and Non-Fungible Tokens are paintings that shred themselves when the auctioneer’s hammer drops on a willing buyer.

There are rational humans. And there are capitalists. But not many rational capitalists in USA.

If you are one, my patent is for sale, and I’m at Hunter Hill Drive 21742-2588, my postman knows how to find me. Drop me a line at and visit my websire

Stay safe, be well, seek good.


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