Mitochondrial DNA Modifies the Effect of Chromosomal DNA on the Productive Work Life of Individuals

This was explained in great detail in Patent application 17/300,726 which was rejected by the Patent Office on account of line spacing issues. On one page of the application the lines were spaced 2 spaces apart, and yet on another page they were spaced just 1.5 spaces apart.

The math to allow mitochondrial DNA to modify the overall risk from chromosomal DNA took me 5 years to work through, and 40 drafts of my paper.

The robot at the patent office was able to find the line spacing issue in 0.25 seconds, look up a section in Code of Federal Regulations that it violated, and cite a Title in the US Code back to me in a formal letter rejecting my patent, which was seen by the robot only, no actual person, no actual patent examiner.

So the product, which is a calculator will be made in Japan, China, South Korea, or Germany and sold to Americans as an IMPORT. It could have been made in USA and sold globally as an export, except for the fact that I was not “Woke” enough to avoid a line spacing discrepancy.

The robot actually did not care about line spacing. It was provided by Silicon Valley, the same people who brought you Joe Biden, who does not care about anything.

Any patent examiner can push a button and space the lines in a patent application any way he or she wants. But no patent examiner was involved here. Just the robot. Working for Joe Biden, making sure I am regulated enough, like I lived in California. Hyper-regulation gives power to regulators, and indirectly to Joe Biden, who can never get enough power. He does not know why, or anything actually.

Mindless harm done to inventors was NOT the goal of the Founders when they put the Patent Office in the US Constitution.. But what could old dead white guys possibly know? Today we know better and tear down their statues to show how Green we are, and how stuffed with Virtue.

The original goal of the Patent Office was to secure to inventors the benefit of their inventions, and to provide USA with EXPORT products based on those inventions, so the economy of USA would grow.

Robots have their own value system. I think it’s me who needs to adapt and adjust. So, I’ve stopped inventing, until USA gets new leadership.

US 17/300,726 is called “Method to Assess Genetic Risk for a Couple” and you can get a verbatim copy of that application at

My bio is on the web, and you will see that Genomics is not my specialty. I am a coding/decoding guy who works mainly with Photon-DSP a field I originated in US 10,176,661 B2, granted on 08 January 2019, and which is now the bedrock patent in that discipline.

I’m at
And at
I live on Hunter Hill Drive 21742-2588
My postman always rings twice.


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