Mitochondrial DNA and Mate Selection for Better Babies

The details are all in my book “Method to Assess Genetic Risk for a Couple” which is on Amazon for a few dollars.

My calculator was the first genomics evaluation device to take into account mitochondrial DNA, and it was not easy to do. It took some fancy math, and fancy calculation.

This device could have been a global export product made in USA sold round the world.

But the patent office found that the lines spacing was 2 spaces on one page, but only 1.5 spaces on another page, so they killed my patent, terminated my inventing business, and have really taught me a lesson about the supreme importance of line spacing. Now I’m really “Woke” about line spacing.

Anyhow the vitality of every cell in your body is a function of the quality of your mitochondrial DNA, which come from your mother, grandmother, great, and great great. No part of your male line of descent provided any aspect of your mitochondrial DNA. All mitochondrial DNA in a sperm cell is in the tail, which does the swimming motion, but which breaks off when the head of the sperm cell enters the egg.

You are made of what was in the egg. So you have two full sets of Chromosomal DNA, but one set of Mitochondrial DNA, coming from your mother, not your dad.

Your ability to cope with small birth defects and routine diseases is largely a function of your cellular energy and overall vitality. Think of Helen Keller, and JFK, both born with terrible Chromosomal DNA, but excellent Mitochondrial DNA that allowed them to overcome all setbacks, and conquer every health challenge (except a bullet in the head and one in the neck).

Biology is not my specialty. I work mostly with light, and hold the patent on Photon-DSP which is a bedrock technology in the field of authentication coding (US 10,176,661 B2).

If you are a big patent lawfirm and know how to re-write my patent (17/300,726) so that it has the quality of “new” when you file it, please go ahead, you have my permission, so long as you name me as one of the inventors. No charge. Just take it. The Japanese and Chinese already have no doubt and will be selling product based on it inside USA within 5 years.

The whole reason for the Patent Office was to secure to inventors the benefit of their inventions, and to enhance the US economy by creating exportable products. But a line spacing issue was found, so that’s not going to happen. The line spacing issue was found by a scanning robot provided at great profit by Silicon Valley, the same people that gave you Joe Biden. The robot actually does not care, and neither would an actual Patent Examiner. But my business is gone now.

You can still find my bio on the web. I’m not quite gone yet.

If you want US 10,176,661 B2 the price is $2 million, and yes, I will take stock. And yes, I think you get a tax write-off for “research”. And yes, I will help you make a profit with that patent.

All the Best, Every Time,

Robert Fenton Gary, BA, MBA, JD
US Navy JAG Corps (Ret.)


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